Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Anne-Britt Ekert Rothstein, PhD


If you’re in your 40s, 50s or beyond, you’ve probably come to think of yourself as a certain type of person: you’re either outgoing or reserved, easy-going or a bit high strung; maybe you’re an optimist or maybe you’re someone who always worries about things turning out right. At this point in your life, you’ve likely also become used to inhabiting certain roles in your life and in your community. You’ve developed a particular way of handling challenges and stresses and have certain communication styles in your relationships.  Sometimes I hear people say, even the ones that say that they feel quite dissatisfied with how they see themselves or how they feel in and about their roles, that “change is going to be too hard” or that “it's too late.” Others might worry that if they changed, it will complicate other relationships in their lives.

Here’s the good news: It’s not too late! Contemporary views of development emphasize the potential for change throughout adult life, even up to very late in life. In my experiences as a therapist working with my clients, I know that positive change and growth are possible at any stage in a person’s life. The years of midlife and beyond can be a unique and rich stage of development. It can be a time for you to reap the benefits of your life experiences and to use them to help bring about positive change. At this point in their lives, many people are starting a new job or are pursuing additional education, instead of thinking about retirement. Some are even planning for an extended work life.

Individual therapy can be a powerful avenue to help bring about change during this time. Successful therapy can bring new awareness and insight into your actions, thoughts, and feelings and help you learn and practice more effective ways of thinking and behaving. My style is interactive, warm, collaborative, and respectful. My clinical approach is flexible, as I employ a range of modalities, adjusting to what best serves the client’s specific situation and needs. Developing practical and concrete strategies to help you reach your goals will be an important part of our work together. Please contact me for more information and/or to schedule a consultation.