Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Anne-Britt Ekert Rothstein, PhD

How do I get started with therapy?

The first step is to contact me via email or phone, to set up a brief phone conversation where we can talk about the issue for which you are seeking treatment and to determine if my services fit your needs. Following we will set up an initial (60 min) consultation. This is a meeting during which I will obtain a history of your presenting problem, assess current symptoms and learn about any therapies you have sought previously. This meeting will also give us an opportunity to talk a bit more in-depth about the issues which bring you to therapy. At the end of this session, I will share my preliminary impressions, begin discussing a plan for treatment and together we will define your goals for therapy.

How do you work with children and families?

When I work with families, I work with the parent(s) either in parent guidance or with the child in play therapy or a combination of both, dependent on a family's unique situation. In the initial parent consultation, we'll talk about your family history and I'll take a developmental history of your child. We'll then discuss the "history" of the problem(s) you'd like to work on and talk together about how things may have gotten to where they are now and discuss the best ways to approach making a positive change. During our initial session, we'll also talk through any appropriate first parent interventions I recommend, targeting challenging situations, in addition to any new and different ways of talking with your child about the change you'd like to make. In any following sessions, we'll review together how things have been going, which interventions have worked and what needs tweaking. It's always great if both parents can be part of the parent guidance meetings -especially the first- but I understand that due to work commitments this is not always possible. I offer secure, remote sessions for consequent check-in parent meetings. Family meetings (including everyone not only the child with the identified "problems") can also be a powerful intervention, to get everyone on the same page and committed to working towards a positive shift. Individual play therapy with a child may also be indicated. 

How does play therapy work?

Play therapy is a well established therapeutic modality, representing a unique form of treatment that is geared toward young children, using "language" (playing) that they can comprehend and make use of. A safe, confidential and caring environment is created which allows the child to play, accessing their inherent creative abilities to engage in symbolic play and opening up their inner world. Via play, the child is given strategies to cope with difficulties they face in life and opportunities to try out different ways of responding to -"playing with" a challenging situation. This provides a more positive view of their future life and one in which different outcomes/responses to a situation are possible. Parents and siblings may be invited in to play session as it deems useful.

How often will we meet?

I typically meet with clients for 50-minute sessions once or twice a week. This may, however, differ depending on your needs, time-frame for therapy, and treatment goals. We will discuss a plan for session frequency as part of the consultation. 

How long will therapy last?

The length of the therapy will vary and depend on the nature of a client's difficulties and the goals we set. I work with both individuals who are seeking short and long term therapy, and we will work together to identify realistic goals for each time frame. There are of course times when an individual might realize that there are additional goals they wish to achieve and at times new goals emerge out of the work together. A client may then decide to extend the time frame for therapy. 

What is your fee?

Please contact me to obtain my current fee. 

Do you accept insurance?

No, I am currently not a provider on any insurance plan and am therefore considered an out-of-network provider. I provide clients with monthly invoices including necessary codes that can be used to submit to their insurance for partial reimbursement. 

How do I know if I have out of network benefits?

It's best to call your insurance company and ask about your mental/behavioral health coverage. Below are some specific questions you may want to ask:

- Do I have coverage for mental/behavioral health services?

- What is my deductible and has it been met?

- How many sessions par calendar year does my plan cover?

- How much do you cover for and out-of-network psychologist?

- What is the coverage amount per session?

- Is a primary care physician approval required?

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can make secure online payments from any mobile device.  I also accept payment in the form of cash, credit cards or personal check. 

What is your rescheduling and cancellation policy?

I require at least 24 hours to re-schedule or cancel an appointment. Without notice, clients are charged for the appointment.